Do you know what is covered on your automobile? We offer competitive rates and we can cover your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Don’t take for granted that your coverage will protect you and your family in an accident. Let one of our experienced agents explain exactly what is covered on your policy.
Homeowners insurance covers a multitude of accidents in and around your home just like the trees on your property provide shelter from the sun. What happens if lightning strikes and causes a tree to fall on your home deeming it inhabitable? You want an insurance company that will help you recover from the damage and restore your home to its original condition.
Do you want to ensure that your loved ones are safeguarded in the event of a tragedy? Whether it be a long-term illness or an unexpected fatality, life insurance will be there to protect your family’s quality of life. It is your most beloved that will continue to suffer without the proper life insurance policy in place for the unexpected.
Although many people know the importance of having homeowner’s insurance, they do not consider renter’s insurance to be held in the same regard. Since your apartment’s contents have the same value to you as any other homeowner, you need to have the same protection of your personal property.
Commercial insurance covers property, liability, and workers’ compensation. It protects the owner, business, and its employees from personal injury and property damage claims. More specifically, property insurance includes damages to your business’ property; liability protects against third party damages; and workers compensation covers on-the-job employee injuries.
When you purchased a motorboat or sailboat, you finally achieved your dream of becoming a yachtsman or sailor. The next step is to protect your investment so your dream does not sink even if your boat does. Boat insurance protects the owner from misfortunate incidents. Whether it is an emergency service, property damage, or medical protections, allow one of our agents to explain it all to you.
Due to the lack of safety features on a motorcycle, an accident can be much more tragic. In the event of an accident, loss, theft, or damage, your motorcycle needs the appropriate coverage. With all of the dangers that the road has to offer, let us provide the proper protection for your riding experience.
A child sprains his ankle on a moon bounce, an electrical fire outbreaks, a host slips and falls off the stage, a server spills hot soup on a guest- who is responsible? Whether it is a birthday celebration, intimate cocktail party, or even a black tie benefit, it is possible for something to go wrong. Event insurance offers coverage for all types of celebrations.

Other Insurances: Condo, Landlord, Mobile Homes, Annuities, Retirement, College Savings Plan, Classic, Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) and Collectible Cars

Why Are We The Best?

Arundel Insurance Group’s mission is to protect our customers, their families, and things that represent value in their lives while assisting them with a strategic plan to build and maintain wealth for their future.
Arundel Insurance Group has a profound commitment to innovation and excellence. Our agency’s foundation is built upon infusing proven industry practices with new and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. With this philosophy, we are able to strategically enhance the customer’s personal experience.
We promise to put our customers and their families first. Our dedicated agents will always look out for the best interest of our customers. We will offer the best products and services to suit our customer’s needs.

What Clients Say

There when I needed help with a lower plan & understanding the policy & how car insurance companies get you on the renewal of policies. The you Aaron Owens for being Honest with my husband and me & God Bless the company!
David was a great help through the process. I originally was working on a policy with him from earlier in the year, I had to put it on hold for a while, but he was courteous and helped me pick up where we left off.
Great experience. David presented all options. He was clear and professional.